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01. Agency models only. We are very selective with models. A good following on Instagram is helpful, but looks are most important. Please look at the magazine to see our aesthetics, 

02. Styling must be current and relevant to the season that it will be published. All fashion, garments, accessories, etc. must be available for purchase online when the issue is published. Please do not use vintage items, or items that are not available to our readers.

03. Hair and makeup are very important and must be top notch. Please look at the magazine to see our aesthetic. We like innovative, but not trendy. Interesting, but not theatrical. Depending on the story, it can be very minimal, to very intense, but must be amazing.

04. Images must have excellent retouching. Skin must be cleaned up, even, and smooth, but there must be detail/texture. It is very important that skin is not over retouched. If you get great models, you will need very little retouching on them. Styling issues, like tags, must be retouched.

05. All submissions must be sent with a Dropbox link or to *Please DO NOT send emails with attachments, they will NOT be accepted.

 06. We will need all team credits, including Instagram handles for model, stylist, makeup artist, hair artist, manicurist, videographer, etc… If you have behind the scenes or fashion videos that go with your shoot, it makes it much more appealing to us!

07. We will need credits for all the designers/brands used, including their website, and, if possible, a direct weblink to the exact item that is being shown in the story. For instance, for a pair of shoes, do not send a link the website homepage, but rather, send a link to that specific pair of shoes.

08. A story must have a minimum of 4 images and ideally 8-10 images. We love double page spreads! Please keep room around images for bleed /crop for printing.



01. Please provide a mood board.

02. Let us know the team that you have in mind (models, celebrities, artists, etc.).

03. Let us know where/what city you intend on shooting.


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    Your Message - *DO NOT SEND IMAGE FILES! Submissions with picture files will not be considered! Please only include LINKS to DROPBOX, social media profiles, websites or photo hosting sites and a brief paragraph including your industry and how you would like to be involved with LEFAIR. We look forward to hearing from you!